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Our team at Route 69 have put together an elite line-up of Route 69 Shooter Boys/Girls. Armed with shots they are ready to swoop on your establishment - creating excitement, buzzing atmospheres, enticing passing trade and, just like the pied piper – where the Route 69 Shooter Boys/Girls go, many follow.

Our service is simple – we provide a beautiful team of girls to come to your pub, bar or club. Armed with a shooter or shot of your choice, our experienced and confident boys/girls mingle with your clientele and begin selling their stock.

At the end of the evening, the numbers of shots or shooters that have been sold are calculated and the bar will receive a very pleasant surprise when they receive their designated profits – so to quote an old cliché ‘you have nothing to lose…but everything to gain’.

However, it’s not just about the cash you will make from the shooter girl sales, you will also create an amazing atmosphere, attract passing trade and also retain the clients.

To add to the atmosphere and to create a lasting positive image of your clients evening in your establishment, we can also provide our famous Route 69 Paparazzi Boys/Girls. They are a trained team of confident girls who move around your venue, taking pictures, which they then sell back to the client in the form of a keyring.

To find out more, download our Guide to the Route 69 Shooter Boys/Girls. Click Here.

Click here to apply to become a shooter boy/girl.

Route 69 is a promotions company…with a twist. We run outrageous bar crawls with your own personal paparazzi.

If you fancy a job in the buzzing and exciting world of ROUTE69 then look no further.
For more information on any of the services we offer please fill in this form or drop the Route 69 Team an email, and we will get back to you ASAP!